Informational & Control Services

These services provide timely information about the disposition of funds and increase control of how funds are used. For more information on Information and Control Services, call or visit your nearest First Hawaiian Bank branch.

For more information on Informational & Control Services, call our Cash Management Department on Oahu at (808) 844-3256. Neighbor Islands, Guam, and CNMI may call (800) 336-0542.


Account Analysis -- This service provides you with a measure of the earning power of collected balances and gives you the compensating credit that can be used to offset the transaction fees. This helps identify areas where the transaction activity and cost can be managed more effectively.

The First Hawaiian Bank Account Analysis System provides multiple reporting and settlement options.You can group your accounts into their own composites with individual account statements of activity plus a combined statement. These summaries can then be pulled together for a single settlement into one Master Family Report. At the same time, you can use excess earning credits in one account to offset deficiencies on another.

Account Reconcilement -- Electronically matches your listing of checks issued against the bank's listing of checks received and paid. This eliminates time-consuming manual processing, provides timely and accurate reporting, and is an excellent fraud prevention tool. Options include:

  • Full Reconcilement
  • Positive Pay
  • Partial Reconcilement
  • Deposit Reconcilement
  • CD-ROM showing checking account and paid checks

Corporate Data Exchange & SWIFT -- This service provides you with BAI formatted data for balances and transactions. This data can be imported into a treasury workstation, treasury management software, or your accounting system. The data can then be used for balance reporting, reconciliation purposes and to create accounting entries.

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