Business Wire Transfers

Business wire transfers are electronic payments which can be sent virtually around the world.  They are one of the fastest, safest and most efficient means of transmitting funds from your company's account to another's domestically or internationally (where permitted.)  Likewise, funds can be sent to your business account from nearly everywhere worldwide.


Domestically, First Hawaiian Bank (FHB) utilizes Fedwire, which is a funds transfer system operated by the United States Federal Reserve Banks.

Internationally, FHB utilizes the SWIFT network. This network allows member banks worldwide to send and receive fund transfers in a secure environment.

Wire transfers initiated before the Cutoff Time will be processed on the same day. Wire transfers initiated after the Cutoff Time are processed on the next business day. Your account will be debited on the date the transfer is initiated.

Domestic Payments
Wire transfers initiated before 10:30 AM HST (the Cutoff Time for domestic wires) normally are credited to the Recipient on the same day.

International SWIFT Payments
Wire transfers destined for international locations must initiated before 2:30 PM HST (the Cutoff Time for international wires) in order to be processed on the same day. International payments may be sent in US dollars or major foreign currencies. International payments may take several business days to reach the Recipient.

Generally, incoming wire transfers are credited to an FHB account on the date received or on the date requested by the sender.

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