FAQ - Alerts

Q: How do I set up or delete Alerts?
Alerts can be configured in two ways.
1. When in the Account Details view, you will see a link to “Create Alert” near the account tile. Select this link to create and alert for that account. Alerts can be sent to an ISP email address or to as an SMS to a mobile device set up in the Mobile Banking portal (“mobile” link in the upper right of the page).
2. From any page in FHB Online, select the “Settings” link in the upper right, expand the “Security and Alerts” section, and select “Alerts.” Here you will see the form to create an alert and the list of existing alerts.
Q: What are Alerts?

Alerts are customized messages that you may request be sent to you to an email address or phone notifying you when your accounts have reached a certain balance or when certain transactions occur on your accounts. Alerts work as follows:

  • You use FHB Online to specify which ISP email addresses or SMS-enabled device to receive alerts and what Alerts you wish to receive.
  • Whenever you have an Alert, you will receive an email or text.

Below are explanations of each available type of Alert.

Balance Alert

Informs you when your account balance drops below or exceeds a predetermined amount.

Transaction Alert

Informs you of selected transactions or to monitor a variety of account activities.

New Message Alert

Informs you when First Hawaiian Bank has sent you a secure message. This includes important bill pay information and other secure communications.

Payment Reminder Alert

Informs you before a scheduled payment is made. 

Payment Notification Alert

Informs you after a scheduled payment is made.

Transfer Notification Alert

Informs you after a scheduled transfer is made.

Recurring Transfer Notification Alert

Informs you after a recurring transfer is made.

Recurring Payment Notification Alert

Informs you after a recurring payment is made.

Insufficient Funds Alert

Informs you when a scheduled transaction could not be processed due to insufficient funds in your account.


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