Security of my User Name and Password

First Hawaiian Bank provides additional security for your financial information by requiring the use of a User Name and Password to access FHB Online. It is important that your User Name and Password are kept confidential. Measures you can take to ensure the safety of your confidential financial data include memorizing your password, changing your password on a regular basis by going to the Change Password screen under Preferences, and not disclosing your password to others.

Security Tips:

  • Memorize your User Name and Password
    Your online User Name and Password authenticate you when you begin an Online Banking session. You should memorize your Password and never write it down anywhere or reveal it to anyone.
  • Change your password regularly
    You can easily change your password by going to the Preferences section of the site and clicking on the Password tab.
  • Remember to sign off
    You may not always be at your own computer when you bank online. Therefore, it is important to sign off when you are finished with your online banking session. For your security, FHB Online will automatically end your banking session after 15 minutes of inactivity. You can adjust the time out feature by going to the My Profile screen under Preferences. There is a 25-minute maximum time out limit.
  • Notify First Hawaiian Bank immediately by phone if you notice any unusual account activity. Call our customer service line at 844-4444 (1-888-844-4444 from Neighbor Islands or the Continental U.S. From Guam, call 671-475-7900. From CNMI, call 670-235-3090).

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