What Happens if I am Asked a Security Question?

If you sign in from a computer we don't recognize, we will ask you to answer one of your three security questions to verify your identity before allowing online access.

  1. A security question will be displayed for you to answer. It will be randomly selected from the three questions you selected during your SiteSecure registration.
  2. Answer the security question.
    1. If you misspell or forget your answer, you will have two more chances to answer the question correctly before your account is locked out and you are not able to access FHB Online.
    2. If your account is locked out, call 643-4343 (1-888-643-4343 from the Continental U.S., Guam and CNMI), Monday through Friday from 8am to 9pm Hawaii Standard Time, to unlock your account and reset your security questions.
  3. Select "This is a personal computer that I use often. Remember it if you want to sign in from that computer again without having to answer a security question.
    1. You will still have to enter your User Name and Password to access your online account information.
    2. We recommend that you select this option only if you are using a computer that is wholly within your control and not shared by others (e.g., your personal home computer).
    If you select “This is not my normal computer. Don't remember it” you will need to answer a security question to verify your identity the next time you sign in from that computer. We recommend that you select this option if you are using a shared computer, such as one from an Internet Café or public library.
  4. Click Submit to continue the FHB Online login process.

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