Q: How can I access the MoneyMap tool and does it cost anything to use?

MoneyMap is a free financial management tool that you can access by logging in to FHB Online and clicking on MoneyMap in the red navigation bar. If you do not have an FHB Online Banking login, you can enroll at

Q: Is MoneyMap available on the FHB Mobile app?

MoneyMap is not currently available in the FHB Mobile app but will be added in the near future.

Q: An account that I added is listed under "Other" instead of the appropriate account type (Investment, Mortgage, Property Value, etc). How do I change the assigned account type in MoneyMap?

After aggregating an account, follow these steps to reassign it to a different account type:

  • Click on the account name
  • Click the ellipses icon in the right corner and select "Edit Details"
  • Then select the appropriate account type (Property, Mortgage, Investment, etc)
  • Then click Save

Q: Why am I prompted to enter a security question or code every time I login?

This requirement is controlled by the individual financial institutions that you have chosen to aggregated into MoneyMap. Depending on the financial institution's security requirements, they may prompt you to validate your information each time you login in order to aggregate your account details.

Q: When I try to reconnect an account it continually shows that it's trying to connect but nothing happens. What should I do?

If you recently deleted the account from MoneyMap and are trying to reconnect it, we suggest waiting at least a few hours before trying to reconnect.

Q: Can I hide or delete accounts that I do not want to see?

Yes, you can choose if an account is displayed by clicking on the account then on the ellipses in the top right corner. Then you can select the Hide Account or Delete Account option (Delete Account is not available for FHB accounts).

Q: How do I change a transaction category?

Scroll over the transaction category that you would like to edit and click on the red pencil icon that appears next to the category name. Then select the appropriate category for the transaction or click on the “+Add a Subcategory” option to create a custom category for your transaction.

Q: Can I search for transactions by keyword, category, check number, merchant, etc.?

Yes, once in MoneyMap click on the Transactions tab. There will be a Search option toward the right of the screen where you can search by all these options and more, including transaction tags.

Q: Can I use MoneyMap to export my transactions?

Yes, once in MoneyMap click on the Transactions tab. Then on the “Export CSV” option toward the right of the screen.

Q: How do I view more detailed information on my FHB Raymond James investment accounts?

FHB Raymond James (RJ) Financial accounts are automatically retrieved when using MoneyMap and populated under the “Accounts” section. To view detailed transactions related to your FHB RJ account(s), view current balance(s) and be able to view the funds that make up your account(s), we recommend you hide the auto populated FHB account(s) and add Raymond James an external investment account.

  1. Select the FHB Raymond James account then click on the ellipses icon
  2. Select the "Hide Account" button
  3. Acknowledge the warning message – click “Hide”
    Now your RJ account should no longer appear on the Dashboard under “Accounts”
  4. Click "+ Add an Account" button on the Dashboard
  5. Search for "Raymond James Investor Access"
  6. Enter your Raymond James Username & Password credentials and answer any security questions, or identity verification methods.
  7. Connect your account

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