Auto Express Loan

Q: Should I buy or lease a car?

The biggest difference in leasing and buying a car is that when you lease a car, you are paying to use a car for a determined timeframe without ever owning it.

 Choosing between leasing and buying depends how you plan to use the vehicle and what you can afford. To know what works best for you, decide how you will use your vehicle and look at how each option meets your needs.

 Use our auto calculator to determine if you should lease or purchase a car.

Q: How much would I actually save with the lower rate on the Auto Express Loan?

How much you will save will depend on the amount of your loan and the number of months your loan is for. The Auto Express promotion is a unique two-step financing opportunity for pre-owned cars sold by private individuals, and allows a qualified buyer to get money prior to purchasing the new car during Phase 1 at a certain APR, then securing the vehicle during Phase 2. This helps to eliminate the need to apply for a secured loan that could jeopardize the purchase of the vehicle. For example, for a $10,000 loan on a new car, at 5.930% APR for 60 months, you will pay $193.01 a month for the term of your loan during Phase 1 prior to the purchase of the vehicle. If you convert that loan by securing the vehicle in Phase 2 to the 5.942% APR for 60 months, your monthly payments will be $193.03.

Q: Is there any penalty in paying off my Auto Express Loan earlier?

There are no early prepayment charges with our Auto Express LoanSM.  If you want to determine how long before you can pay off your car loan, please see our auto calculator to determine that timeframe.  


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