Mastercard® Pay with Rewards
Redeem your Rewards on the go, anywhere, anytime!

Redeeming your CashPointsSM and Priority Miles® for purchases made with your First Hawaiian Bank Mastercard just got a lot easier. With the Mastercard Pay with Rewards app you can skip logging into your online account and simply redeem your rewards for purchases with the touch of a button. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

It’s easy to use!

1 Step 1

Open the
Mastercard Pay with Rewards app and enter your passcode.

2 Step 2

Click on the "Transactions" tab to see recent purchases.

3 Step 3

Select an eligible purchase and click on the yellow "Redeem" button.

  • Pay with Rewards Icon
  • Download the app, register your Mastercard and start redeeming today!