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Know Your Security Questions and Answers

Recently, we updated our FHB Online SiteSecureSM feature with more secure challenge questions to help better protect your accounts. We have noticed that some customers are having difficulty with their newly-selected challenge questions and answers. For example, one of the new challenge questions is:

"What is your mother's mother's first name?"

Common points of confusion on this question include:

  • Customer provides their mother's maiden name because it is a question they
    previously used.
  • Customer thinks they never selected this question because they originally read it as “mother’s first name” rather than “mother’s mother’s (or maternal grandmother’s) first name”.

To avoid the inconvenience of getting locked out, we encourage you to review your challenge questions and answers to ensure you selected questions that you are comfortable with and that you can consistently answer correctly.

You can view and edit your SiteSecure preferences by going to the Personal Information section located in the Customer Service tab and clicking on the Change Your SiteSecureSM Preferences link.

Here are some additional tips to help you effectively use the SiteSecure feature:

  • Read the Questions Carefully - Remember, many of the SiteSecure questions have been changed so be sure to read the questions carefully before providing your response.
  • Select Questions with Clear Answers - Select questions that you are comfortable you will be able to answer consistently. For example, if your father’s name is William but people often refer to him as Bill, you may want to stay away from that question and pick a different one.
  • Keep Your Answers Simple - As much as possible, try to use single word answers (and avoid spaces or hyphens) because when prompted for a response at login, the answer must be entered exactly as it was when you originally set up the question.

Please also note the following:

  • Unique Username and Password - FHB Online is designed to support a unique Username and Password (login credentials) for each individual. Joint accountholders who share login credentials are prone to errors because the Sitesecure questions and answers are designed to be personal. Joint accountholders should enroll for FHB Online individually and select their own, personal SiteSecure questions and answers. Please click here to enroll.
  • Not My Challenge Questions - Questions are directly associated with Usernames. If you are seeing questions you don’t recognize, please re-enter your Username to ensure that you did not mistype your Username and are seeing someone else’s challenge questions.

Mahalo for being an online and/or mobile banking customer. Click on these links to learn more about the recent update or view our frequently asked questions. Otherwise, for further assistance, please contact our Home Banking service consultants at 643-4343 or (888) 643-4343 from the Continental US, Guam or CNMI, Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 9:00pm (Hawaii Standard Time).

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