Trends Personal Finance Manager

Stay on top of your finances by viewing all your financial accounts in one place. Interactive Video Player

FHB Online Trends Personal Finance Manager (PFM) lets you bring your accounts, whether at First Hawaiian Bank or another financial institution1, into a single location. Increase your control and simplify your life by seeing your deposit accounts, credit cards, investments, mortgages and other financial accounts all in one place.

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Convenient Access to All Your Accounts

The Trends Dashboard provides a consolidated view of assets and liabilities as well as a snapshot of net worth, income, expenses and savings goals. The more accounts you add, the more complete of a picture you’ll be able to see.

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Transaction Management

View transactions across all your accounts. Our categorization engine will categorize transactions automatically with the option to adjust categorization preferences.

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Budget and Track

Create and track monthly spending budgets and savings goals and gain control over your finances. Discover new ways to save.

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1 To view accounts from another financial institution, you must have online access set up at that institution.

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