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To get started, get your income, asset and expense information ready. If you are buying, you should also have the estimated purchase price and down payment amount. If you are refinancing, you should have the estimated property value and loan amount.

Next step is to begin your application. Please call to set up a consultation with one of our professional mortgage lenders.

During your consultation, your personal mortgage lender might request for additional documents and will explain to you some of the important disclosure documents you will be receiving including:

  • A Good Faith Estimate which is a breakdown and estimate of your closing costs.

  • A Truth-In-Lending Disclosure that provides the terms of the loan, annual percentage rate (APR), and costs associated with making and closing the loan, including your finance charges and monthly payment schedule. 

Your personal mortgage lender will then submit your application for review and verification. They will:

  • Verify employment, income, and financial information. They will also order an appraisal to determine the appraised value of your property. If you are buying, this value is expected to match or exceed the home’s purchase price. If you are refinancing, the appraised value helps to determine your maximum loan amount.

  • Obtain other services such as title insurance and flood certification.

  • Upon loan approval, send you a list of conditions that have to be met before you can prepare to close your loan.

Once your application is conditionally approved, we’ll work with you to help clear the conditions set by the bank in order to proceed with your loan and set a closing date for signing of your loan documents.

Be sure to review your loan documents carefully, then sign and date them on your closing day.

Here's a helpful list of what you'll need when applying for a First Hawaiian mortgage loan:

  • W-2 Forms for the most recent two (2) years

  • Pay stubs or salary vouchers for the most recent full month with year-to-date earnings

  • Bank statements for the most recent two (2) months

  • Year-end mortgage account statement (if applicable)

  • Current Fire, Hurricane Insurance and Flood Insurance Policy (if applicable)

  • Sales Contract -- Purchase contract and any Addenda (if applicable)

  • Most recent revolving charge card statements on all accounts to be paid off

Additional Documentation required if you:

  • are self employed

  • derive income from commissions, bonuses, dividends, interest or rents

  • claim social security benefits, retirement benefits or disability income

  • claim income from alimony, child support or separate maintenance

For Construction/Renovation Loans, additional documents required:

  • Set of building plans and specifications, signed by owners and the contractor

  • Fully executed copy of an acceptable Construction Contract

  • 100% Performance Bond from a bonding company

  • Building Permit 

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