PIN Code Malware for Android

Recently, there have been some articles about malware targeting Google’s AndroidTM mobile operating system.

What You Should Know:
A recent scam has been identified affecting users downloading applications to their mobile devices from sites other than the Google Play store. Once given access to your device, the application launches a program which changes your device’s PIN unlock code and presents a ransom note demanding payment (usually $500) for retrieval of the PIN code. However, even if you pay the ransom, the malware does not provide you with the PIN code. In fact, the password on your phone is usually changed to a random number and the only way to regain access to your device is to restore the device to its original settings, deleting any personal information and stored data (e.g., contacts, photos, etc.). 

What You Should Do:
If you experience this issue , do not pay any ransom. Please refer to your device manual or contact your mobile service provider for more instructions.

Prevention Tips:
Only install applications from trusted sources. If you do install off-marketplace applications, ensure that you have thoroughly verified the application’s source. Installing an anti-virus program on your device will also help to protect against malicious attacks.

Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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