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Wealth Management - Institutional Services

Our Institutional Advisory Services Division works closely with corporate, governmental, Taft-Hartley, and not-for-profit clients to develop creative and integrated solutions to meet their varied asset management and asset servicing needs. These solutions include an expansive menu of innovative investment strategies designed to meet customized goals and objectives as well as asset-related solutions that include custody and administrative services.  We have a proud history of working with Hawaii-based clients and are particularly proud of our history with Hawaii’s labor unions in providing banking, asset management, and asset-related services longer than any other Hawaii-based trust company.

What we offer:

  • Hawaii-based and client-focused investment management;
  • Experienced investment team with a proven record of success;
  • Full range of investment services to meet your investment needs;
  • Robust strategic asset allocation strategies customized to meet your objectives;
  • Diversified portfolios with exposure to a wide range of asset classes;
  • Continuous monitoring and dynamic portfolio rebalancing; and
  • Effective, consistent and meaningful client service

If you would like to learn more about how First Hawaiian Bank’s Institutional Advisory Services can help you, please call us at (808) 525-7027.

Asset Management

Our experienced team of investment professionals has a proven track record of success in providing customized asset management solutions to meet a wide array of goals and objectives.  We have a long history of providing meaningful and creative investment solutions that service the needs of corporations, state and local governments, unions, healthcare providers, educational institutions, public and private foundations and endowments.

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Captive Insurance Services

We have been active in servicing the needs of our Captive Insurance industry since 1987 and offer a full-range of banking, asset management, and asset-related services to help our clients manage an efficient and profitable captive.

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Taft-Hartley Services

We are proud of our history in assisting labor unions with their banking, investment management, and asset servicing needs longer than any other Hawaii-based bank/trust company.

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Bishop Street Funds

The Bishop Street Funds offer attractive and cost-effective equity and fixed income solutions for both institutions and individuals.

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Employee Benefit Plans

We offer a full-range of employee benefit plan services including trusteeship, record-keeping, mutual fund evaluation and screening, employee enrollment, and participant communication programs.

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Asset Services

We take a comprehensive and flexible approach toward providing clients with cost-effective solutions related to asset custody and administrative services.

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