We’ve partnered with ADP and Dayforce to offer payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Payroll & tax payment services

No business activity has become more complicated in the past decade than paying employees. That’s why First Hawaiian Bank has partnered with ADP and Dayforce (formerly known as Ceridian Employer Services) to offer payroll solutions to help you prepare taxes, handle direct deposits, and more. Payroll services[[#1]] are available to all size-businesses, from single-employee companies to the largest of corporations.

Benefits of payroll servicing


A few of the more popular benefits of payroll servicing with First Hawaiian Bank, in conjunction with ADP and Dayforce, include:

  • Compliance Tools
  • Direct Deposit
  • Benefits Administration
  • Tax Services Management
  • Time and Attendance Solutions
  • Confidentiality

ADP Services*

ADP offers the insights, tools and data to handle your payroll so that you can unlock your potential.

Payroll Excellence
  • Automated Payroll Processing - Streamline payroll operations with ADP's automated processing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Tax Compliance - Stay worry-free with ADP handling tax calculations and compliance, reducing the risk of errors.
  • Direct Deposit - Enhance employee satisfaction by offering secure and convenient direct deposit options.
  • Real-time Reporting - Access real-time payroll reports, empowering businesses with actionable insights.
HR Functions and Features
  • HR Support - Get answers to your questions from trained HR professionals
  • ZipRecruiter®  - Post your open position to over 100 leading job boards with ZipRecruiter.
  • Employee Handbook Creation - quickly create and maintain a custom employee handbook for your business
  • Employee Management - Simplify employee data management, from onboarding to offboarding, with a centralized platform.
  • Time and Attendance - Efficiently track employee hours, reducing administrative burden and minimizing errors.
  • Compliance Support - Navigate complex HR regulations confidently with ADP's compliance support and updates.
  • Employee Self-Service - Empower employees with self-service tools, fostering engagement and reducing HR inquiries.


Ceridian makes HR and Payroll easy by offering flexible solutions for companies of all sizes. Payroll Plus Powered by Ceridian includes:

  • Web Based Payroll and HR platform
  • Payroll Preview Prior to Processing
  • FHB Official Bank Check Service
  • FHB Direct Deposits
  • Automated Tax Depositing and Filing Services
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Time & Attendance Solutions
  •  Mobile App for Employee time entry
  • Employee Self Service and On-line viewing of paystubs
  • Quickbooks Interface
  • Employment and Salary Verification Service
  • Branch delivery of payroll output
  • Local Processing and Customer Service

Want to learn more?

For more information, please call Treasury Management Solutions at (808) 844-3151.


  1. Certain restrictions and requirements may apply. Eligibility subject to review and approval. Please contact us at (808)-844-3151 or Toll Free at (800) 336-0542 for further details.

* ADP services are not available in Guam or Saipan
** Dayforce services are only available to customers with 100+ employees