Investment and Insurance

We’re here to help you accumulate, protect and grow your wealth.

Benefits of working with our experienced investment professionals

Expert portfolio management that considers your total specific goals, risk tolerance and time horizon

Asset allocation based on a clear understanding of your monetary and family goals

Rigorous oversight, regular review and evaluation of results with our wealth advisors

Our Products

Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

Benefit from access to professional money managers who will manage your portfolio for you.

Fixed income investments

Fixed Income

Enjoy regular, periodic income from a variety of fixed investment options.

Plan for retirement

Retirement Plans

Build a more secure future for yourself or your employees with a strategically designed and well-funded retirement plan.

Strategic asset allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation

Invest strategically with First Hawaiian’s disciplined approach.

Make an impact with ESG

ESG Portfolios

Make an impact with ESG investing solutions from First Hawaiian Bank.

Disability insurance

Disability Insurance

Plan for life’s contingencies and protect yourself against financial catastrophe.

Life insurance

Life Insurance

Ensure your family’s financial security even after you’re gone.

Long-term care insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

Ensure you’re taken care of in the event of prolonged disability or illness.

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