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Build a more secure future for yourself or your employees with a strategically designed and well-funded retirement plan. We offer plans for:

Although we all imagine a life of leisure during our retirement years, there are a number of “what if’s” that could dramatically change that blissful picture:

  • What if you’re still paying for a mortgage?

  • What if Social Security is dramatically reduced or eliminated?

  • What if you suffer a long-term illness?

If there’s one thing that will help you or your employees face the uncertainties of the future with greater confidence it’s a strategically designed and well-funded retirement plan. First Hawaiian Bank’s Wealth Advisors can help you start saving for retirement or enhance your existing retirement portfolio with individual and employer plans tailored to your situation.  Call us at (808) 525-5159 or toll free at (877) 643-4344 or stop by any First Hawaiian Bank branch nearest you and ask to speak with a Wealth Advisor.

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