Treasury Management

Keep your business running smoothly with our comprehensive suite of treasury tools and services.

Benefits for your business

Keep your business running smoothly with our comprehensive suite of treasury tools and services

  • Effectively monitor and protect your accounts 
  • Support business growth by investing idle funds 
  • Easily control your disbursements
  • Accelerate the collection of cash

Our Products

Receivables Management

Receivables Management

Optimize your cash flow with our collection of Receivables Management solutions.


Streamline your accounts receivable process

Quick and easy

Conduct quick and easy electronic transactions

Deposit anytime

Scan and deposit checks anytime and from anywhere

Payables Management

Payables Management

Easily manage your business expenses with our secure disbursement services.

Pay quickly

Pay your employees quickly and simply with paychecks or direct deposit


Make payments to vendors conveniently


Simplify your payables process

Information & Control Services

Information & Control Services

Quickly access financial information and increase control of cash management.

Account Analysis

Offset transaction fees and identify areas of opportunity

Save time

Reconcile your bank accounts quickly and efficiently with our itemized reports


Get prompt and detailed notification of incoming ACH deposits

Investment Services

Investment Services

Improve your business’ financial stability and security with our innovative investment services.

Competitive return

Earn a competitive return on uninvested cash balances

Transfer idle cash

Automatically transfer idle cash between checking and our various interest or dividend paying options


Invest your operating funds in a high-quality money market fund

Fraud management

Fraud Management

Increase the security of your business with our Fraud Management solutions.

Manage risk

Manage risk and prevent fraudulent checks from debiting your account

Prevent fraud

Prevent fraud and manage risk by monitoring and blocking unauthorized transactions

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