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Use your Business FirstLine of Credit* for any business purpose including working capital, inventory, financial emergencies, and more.

Cash When You Need It
Write your business a loan whenever your business needs extra cash. You'll receive a supply of personalized business checks to use at your convenience.

Save Money on Interest
The variable interest rate, based on a margin plus the Bank's Prime Rate, is lower than most other types of business loans and lines (Fixed promotional rates may be available).

Flexible Spending
Like credit cards, your line of credit is a revolving account. Every time you make a payment to your line, your available credit goes up (capped at the maximum approved amount of your line).

* Subject to credit approval.


Account Type: Line of Credit (Secured & Unsecured)

Credit Limits: $5,000-$250,000

Maturity Term: Up to 3 years

Loan Documentation Fee: $200

Annual Fee: $50 on amounts up to $75,000.  First year annual fee waived.  Thereafter, annual fee waived with outstanding average balance of $5,000.

For amounts over $75,000, 0.25% of line amount.

  • Adjustable line of credit
  • Access funds by using checks
  • Easy access to funds, without having to apply for multiple loans

To learn more, please make an appointment or visit your nearest branch.

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