Check Guarantee

First Hawaiian Bank has formed a strong strategic relationship with Secure Payment Services (SPS) to make this service available to you. Together we have developed a solution that will assure you that every check you take from your customer is guaranteed.

When a customer writes a check at your business, ExpressCheckSM will print an authorization slip for the customer to sign, authorizing you to convert the customer's paper check into an electronic check. This allows you to submit an electronic entry to the customer's bank account instead of depositing the paper check. The cashier will return the paper check to the customer, along with a copy of the customer's signed authorization slip.

Call our Business Service Sales Department for more information at (808) 844-3174. Neighbor Islands may call (800) 336-0542. Guam and CNMI may call (671) 475-7846.


No Returned Checks
SPS guarantees (up to a pre-determined limit) all checks electronically approved and processed. You will never see a returned check again.

No More Paper to Handle
Once the check is approved, you can simply hand it back to the consumer knowing that First Hawaiian has guaranteed the transaction. This eliminates deposit preparation.

Improved Cash Flow
Funds from approved checks will be electronically credited to your account within two banking business days as cash.

Return Item Fees are Eliminated
Since SPS is handling all of the returns, bank fees on returned items will be eliminated.

Increased Security
Electronic checks are safer than paper checks. As a general rule, only the cashier will ever view the account information.

Descriptive Bank Statements
Customer's statements will show the merchant's name, the date, and the amount of the transaction.

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