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Our secure, online money management solution bundles powerful services to provide your business with ultimate convenience and control. Using a standard web browser, tablet device or smart phone, you can access account balances and transactions, initiate stop payments, process internal transfers between your First Hawaiian Bank business accounts, originate ACH transactions and more.

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If you have questions or would like to sign up, call our Business Services Sales Department at (808) 844-3174. Neighbor Islands may call (800) 336-0542. 


  • Enhanced security to protect against the growing threat of fraud

  • A new intuitive and modern layout designed to make it easy for you to conduct business efficiently

  • Secured messaging to quickly request support from our Cash Management team

  • The ability to export data in formats that can be easily integrated into most of today's popular accounting systems

  • Customized alerts to keep you informed about what matters and when it matters to you

  • A mobile app (for both iOS and Android systems) to let you run your business from anywhere you want

  • Easy access to branches and ATM locations

Real-Time Balance Information -- Your real-time account balances will display when you sign in. You can view current day details and also select a date range to view historical balances and transactions.

Transaction Details -- As an option to the bank providing reconciliation files for debit or credit transactions, you can easily export your account information from FHB Online Business Center to upload to your accounting application. You may find it beneficial to use the data available through Web Cash Manager to reduce or eliminate account reconciliation reports and data tapes.

Cleared Checks and Deposited Checks Inquiry – Using FHB Online Business Center you can view items showing date paid, dollar amount, and check number. You can view reports on your PC, print reports, or export the data. You can also use this feature to search for a cleared check or deposited check. You can view or print the front and back of cleared checks and deposited checks. This is a quick way to determine if a check has cleared or to assist with the account reconciliation process.

Loan Information -- View your principal balance, available credit, and next payment date.

Real Time Stop Payment Requests -- You can issue stop payments for either a single check or range of checks. A Stop Payment Log allows you to inquire about all your stop payment requests in effect on the account.

Real Time Internal Funds Transfer -- This feature gives you the ability to transfer funds between your accounts at First Hawaiian Bank.

ACH Funds Transfer -- You can create ACH payments as well as collections.

Wire Transfers -- FHB Online Business Center offers repetitive and free form wires. Wires can be sent to foreign banks in US dollars or a foreign currency. You will also have real time access to incoming and outgoing wire transfer reports that show wire details and totals.

FHB Online Business Center utilizes the latest Internet security and encryption features:

  • SSL 3.0 with support for 128-bit encryption

  • User IDs and passwords required

  • Forced password changes

  • Preset transaction dollar limits are available

  • Security token for ACH and wire release

For the best experience using OBC and the mobile banking application you should use the recommended hardware and software requirements below. 

Our online banking is compatible with the following internet browsers, which can be easily downloaded online:

· Internet Explorer 11 or higher versions

· Firefox 24 or higher versions

· Chrome 31 or higher versions

· Safari 6 or higher versions

· Mobile Requirements:

o    Android OS 4.2 or higher versions

o    Apple iOS 8 or higher versions (NOTE: Apps are compatible with Apple iPhone 4 and newer models)

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