Fraud Management

Safeguard your business against fraud and help prevent unauthorized transactions.

Stop fraud before it starts

With fraud and cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important than ever for you to protect your business finances. That’s why First Hawaiian Bank offers multi-layered Fraud Management solutions to help keep your accounts secure. 

Our services

Positive Pay

Manage risk and prevent fraudulent checks from posting to your account. With Positive Pay, you provide First Hawaiian Bank with a list of valid checks issued by your company. Any suspicious paid check will be flagged for you to review. You decide whether to pay or return the check with a click of a button.

ACH Debit Block

This electronic fraud prevention service rejects unauthorized ACH debits from posting to your company’s accounts, helping maintain the security and integrity of your accounts.

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    • ACH Debit Block – You can either block all ACH transactions from posting to your account, or you can indicate which specific companies are authorized to process ACH transactions to your account.  
    • Positive Pay – You provide an electronic file of your issued checks and we will compare all paid checks against your issued checks.  Any discrepancies will be reported to you first thing in the morning for you to decide whether to pay or return.