Information & Control Services

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your business operations while minimizing financial risk.

Smarter business intelligence

First Hawaiian Bank offers a comprehensive set of Information and Control Services that provide you with timely information about the disposition of funds, and offers increased cash management control. 

Our services

Account Analysis

Our Account Analysis service provides you with a measure of the earning power of collected balances. It gives you the compensating credit that can be used to offset transaction fees and helps you identify areas where you can manage transaction activity and cost more effectively.

Concentration Zero Balance Account Sweep Services

At the close of each banking day, excess funds in your operating accounts are consolidated automatically into a single master account. Subsidiary accounts are left with zero balances. This allows you to save time in determining your daily cash position.

Account Reconcilement

Reconcile your business accounts quickly and efficiently. We provide you timely and accurate reports detailing all your deposits, paid items, and outstanding items.  Upload a file of paid items into your accounting system to improve audit controls and identify fraud.

Corporate Data Exchange & SWIFT

These services provide you with BAI or SWIFT formatted data for balances and transactions. You can quickly and easily import data into a treasury workstation, treasury management software, or your accounting system.

FHB Commercial Online

Access account balances and transactions, initiate stop payments, process internal transfers between your First Hawaiian Bank business accounts, and originate ACH and wire transactions from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Get prompt and detailed notification of incoming ACH deposits. You will receive email notification of Corporate Credit or Debit (CCD+) and Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) addenda information that typically accompanies federal government and corporate ACH payments. Payment information is delivered by secure email notification that contains a link to a secure site that encrypts the payment information.

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    • Account Analysis – Gives you a measure of the earning power of your deposit balances at the bank and gives you compensating credit that can be used to offset your transaction fees. This helps identify areas where the transaction activity and associated cost can be managed more effectively.
    • Account Reconcilement – Electronically matches your listing of checks issued against the bank's listing of checks received and paid. This eliminates time-consuming manual processing, provides timely and accurate reporting, and is an excellent fraud prevention tool. Options include: 
      • Full Reconcilement – You provide us with a listing of checks issued and we will match it against all the checks we received and paid.
        We provide you with monthly reports of your paid items, credit items, outstanding items, stopped items, voided items and more, to help you reconcile your bank account quickly and efficiently.
      • Partial Reconcilement – We provide you with monthly reports of your paid items, credit items, and stopped items.
      • Deposit Reconcilement – We provide you with monthly reports of all your deposited items broken down by location codes.
      • Paid Items File (Optional) – We provide you with an electronic file of all your paid items, either daily or monthly, for you to load into your accounting system for automated reconciliation.
    • Corporate Data Exchange & SWIFT – Gives you the ability to receive balance and transaction information as raw data so that it can be manipulated off-line.
    • FHB Commercial Online – A secure, multi-user Internet based service that gives you convenient, 24-hour access to your account information. You can get balance and transaction information, verify deposits and inquire on the status of a check. You can also make ACH payments and collections, initiate a wire transfer or make an internal transfer.