Streamline your accounts payable process with our quick, secure, and reliable Payables Solutions.

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If you are looking for a simple and easy way to organize and process accounts payable, First Hawaiian Bank is here for you. Take your business operations to the next level, and start optimizing your disbursement activities today with our suite of Payables Solutions designed for modern business.

Our services

ACH Payments[[#1]]

Make Federal and State tax payments or pay vendors electronically with our Automated Clearing House (ACH) service. ACH Payments helps to reduce the processing of paper items and is less costly than mailing checks.

Wire Transfer Services

This electronic payment service allows you to transfer funds by wire and is one of the fastest and most secure ways to send money internationally. Authorized users can initiate outbound wires at a branch, by fax, or FHB Commercial Online.

Direct Deposit[[#1]]

Deposit your employees' paychecks directly into their checking or savings account. Our secure and reliable Direct Deposit service simplifies payroll processing and reduces the expense of check preparation, distribution, and reconcilement. No lost or stolen checks to handle and no altered amounts to worry about.

QuickTax–State and Federal Tax

With QuickTax, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork by paying your business taxes with your smartphone or computer. You'll no longer need to prepare tax deposit coupons, write checks, or make trips to the bank. QuickTax conforms to Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) requirements.


Pay your employees quickly and simply. Eliminate the hassle of payroll taxes, deductions, and reporting. With the help of our payroll partners, your employees will be paid via direct deposit or a check. Pick up your payroll packages at your nearest FHB branch or have it mailed directly to you.

Corporate Card[[#2]]

With FHB’s Corporate Card program, you can purchase confidently with the assurance and security of spend controls and program oversight, the security of cyber and fraud protections, and experience the efficiencies that come with remote and electronic payments.


FHB ePayables[[SM]] is an electronic payment solution that applies your Corporate Card program benefits to your Accounts Payable. With ePayables, your company can securely and remotely pay suppliers with confidence by generating single-use, virtual accounts numbers for payments, save time on reconciliation by limiting your suppliers to taking payment only for pre-approved, fixed dollar amounts, and discover efficiencies with automated bulk invoice processing. Our local Supplier Enrollment Team will identify and enroll suppliers to reduce implementation burdens.

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    • ACH Payments/Direct Deposit - You provide us with an electronic file to pay your vendor, employees, or taxes on a specified settlement date. Eliminate the time and cost associated with generating checks. Increase efficiency and reduce fraud.
    • Wire Transfer Service - Wire transfers are the fastest way to send funds both domestically and internationally.  Wire transfers offer same day funds availability in most cases, and can be sent in US Dollars or Foreign Currencies using our FHB Commercial Online service, or from our Branches.



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