Receivables Management

Simplify your payment processing, streamline operations, and effectively manage working capital.

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First Hawaiian Bank offers a wide range of receivables solutions that can help you quickly process payments, reduce workload, and automate accounts receivable. Not sure which service is right for you? Contact our business banking team today, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect payment mix for your business objectives.


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Deposit Identification

Deposit Identification provides a single depository account but allows deposits to be identified by store, department, or purpose, as determined by you. The same identifying number (location ID) also earmarks returned checks and change fund orders, allowing you to allocate debits to the proper origin. Our Account Reconciliation Service provides totals by location and statement cycle.

Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services helps to streamline your accounts receivable process by letting the bank do the work. Lockbox offers quick daily processing of remittances improved audit controls, data capture, and enhanced customer experience with payments recorded with minimal delays to posting

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Conduct quick and easy electronic transactions with ACH. Our preauthorized payment service is a safe, secure, and reliable way to collect recurring payments, membership dues, donations, or tuitions electronically. You’ll know the exact date for the settlement of funds, and all payments are fully traceable.


Scan and deposit checks from anywhere, anytime. eDeposit helps decrease the risk of fraud and saves you valuable time from depositing checks in person at the bank. Our eDeposit service offers multi-factor authentication, downloadable data, and the ability to limit account access by user. Checks are deposited the same day.[[#1]][[,]][[#2]]


Receive prompt notification of incoming electronic ACH deposits to your accounts for federal contracts, vendor payments, and other payments with addenda information.

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    • Automated Clearing House (ACH)- With this service, you provide us with an electronic file to debit your customers' accounts and credit your own on a specified settlement date. You may use the same file to update your receivable system. This is a very efficient and low-cost service (subject to credit approval).
    • Lockbox Services - The bank handles all incoming payments mailed by your customers, processes them, deposits the checks in your account, and forwards the input to you. This reduces float time on payments and minimizes clerical work. In the case of an Automated Lockbox, the bank also transmits the data processed item file, which allows you to electronically update your receivables.


      1. Subject to credit approval.

      2. Remote deposits submitted by the daily cutoff time will be deposited into your FHB business checking account on the same business day.