Simplify your employee expense management and gain a complete view of your company’s expenses

Effectively manage expenses

CentreSuite® is designed to streamline accounting code allocation and simplify the submission, review, and approval process for employee expenses.

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CentreSuite Features

For Cardholders
  • View statements online one to two days after the cycle date
  • Create expense reports using transaction information
  • Submit reports electronically for approval
For Administrators
  • Use customizable fields to define automated allocation rules based on merchant category code (MCC), cardholder, vendor name, card account, and expense type to facilitate expense allocation and supplier reporting
  • Determine accounting code segments and the order in which they are applied, including cost centers, departments, and other accounting ledger indicators
  • Seamlessly integrate files between CentreSuite® and your financial system to facilitate expense allocation and merchant reporting
  • Create, save, and access custom reports. All queries can be saved, so commonly performed searches can be quickly repeated
  • Compile the data needed to negotiate vendor discounts based on transaction volume


If you are an existing CentreSuite Administrator and need additional assistance, please email comlcard@fhb.com.