Savings Link for Overdraft Protection

You may link your personal Regular Savings or Priority Savings account to your checking account to help protect against overdrafts on your checking account.

Automatic Overdraft Protection
This service works by automatically transferring available funds from your savings to your checking account when an overdraft on your checking account occurs*. Once the link has been set up, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing the balances in your savings account will help cover these unexpected overdrafts.

Transfer Notification
You will automatically receive a mailed notification whenever a transfer from your savings to your checking occurs due to an overdraft. This notice will detail the date and amount of the transfer.

How to Sign Up
You can link your savings account for overdraft protection by visiting any branch. Or, if you prefer, you can send authorization in writing to your branch of account or send us a secure email through FHB Online instructing us to link the accounts for overdraft protection. Please note that overdraft protection via a linked savings account cannot be combined with a Yes-Check line of credit to protect the same checking account.

Learn about tools and tips to manage your checking account and help avoid overdrafts.

* An overdraft transfer fee for overdrafts that are covered by a transfer from your linked savings may be assessed on your checking account. Please see the Schedule of Charges and Other Information for Personal Checking Accounts for more information.

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