Personal FirstLine

A flexible line of credit that gives you cash when you need it


  • Apply quickly and easily online, in-branch, or by phone
  • Draw upon your line soon after approval
  • You have the option to lock in all or a portion of your balance at a fixed rate for up to six years

Key benefits

Write yourself a check

Or even better—transfer funds into your checking account through Online Banking

You’re ready to face the future

You have borrowing power to meet life’s opportunities and challenges

No collateral required
A flexible line of credit

Ideal for

  • Those who want the flexibility to access money when they need it
  • People who are planning to pay for vacations, tuition, or unplanned expenses.

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    A line of credit is similar to a credit card in that it is a flexible borrowing solution. You can draw on this revolving line of credit simply by writing a check. You are also able to borrow any part of your credit line again once you have repaid it. You do not need to make any payments until you use your line. 

    With a personal loan, you receive the funds when you're approved, and you start paying interest immediately on the full amount owed. You have a fixed schedule of payments that will reduce your outstanding balance until the loan is paid off. 

    For more information, browse our options on loans and lines of credit.

      First, determine your needs. Do you need to borrow a large amount of money? Do you want to make regular, fixed payments? Do you have property with which to secure credit? Do you want extra money just-in-case? Our handy calculators can help give you an idea of what loan option is right for you. For a more customized analysis of what loan option is best, talk to a First Hawaiian Banker today or call (808) 643-LOAN (5626). Guam residents, please call (808) 477-LOAN (5626), and from the CNMI call 1-800-403-7167.

        You can consolidate your various debts (loans, lines of credit, credit card balances, etc.) into one loan, usually at a lower rate. As a result, you will have just one bill to pay, and you may find it easier to pay off your debt more quickly. First Hawaiian Bank offers many options for debt consolidation, usually through a home equity or a personal loan or line of credit. 

        For more information, browse our options on Loans and Lines of Credit.

          You can easily view your loan balance, transfer funds, and make payments using internal or external transfers through FHB Online & Mobile Banking. If you have not yet enrolled in Online Banking, you can enroll here.


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          Personal FirstLine

          Personal FirstLine