Tuition Loans

We have financing options to help you fund your education or that of your child. See  which option is right for you.

Home Equity FirstLine Plus 

With the Home Equity FirstLine Plus, you are able to take advantage of today's low rates. Enjoy the convenience of a  line of credit, like flexible payment options and ongoing access to available funds, and the ability to lock fixed rates, protecting you from rising interest.

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PayAnyDay Personal Loan

Borrow a fixed amount for a specific purpose. It’s an excellent way to consolidate your bills, pay for tuition, or to make major purchases such as furniture, a used car, etc.

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Personal FirstLine

Get a flexible line of credit that works like a check to give you cash when you need it. There’s no collateral requirement. You will also have the option to lock in a fixed rate. Ideal for major purchases, paying for tuition, or even for medical expenses.

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Online Banking

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