Construction-to-Permanent Loan

Get the money you need to build your new home with a fixed rate loan that offers long-term financing and allows you to lock in your initial rate at the time of application. One application serves both the construction and permanent phase of the loan.

This loan is also perfect for homeowners who want to purchase and renovate an existing home or refinance their existing mortgage and renovate with one loan.

Refinance and Build:
Some people find that after a few years in their home, they need more space. A refinance construction loan can be an effective way to build up your home as your needs change. The amount of the new construction cost is added to the existing loan balance and refinanced into a new loan.


  • Interest-only payments during the construction period
  • Permanent financing means applying only once
  • Competitive pricing
  • Buy your land and build and/or renovate, all with one permanent financing plan
  • Interest-only payments provide some budget relief budget during construction
  • Flexible pricing meets your construction contract terms
  • Those planning to buy land and build within a year
  • Large dollar home improvement projects
  • Those who want to buy a "fixer-upper"

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