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Last updated 9/17/21

This Short Code Program Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to information obtained by First Hawaiian Bank (“FHB”, “us”, “we” and “our”) about our customers (“you” and “your”) when you interact with SMS short code messages that we may send to you as part of the our short code program (“Program”). When you receive texts from a short code number, you may respond to the short code. For example, if you receive a fraud alert text from a short code, you may respond that a particular transaction is valid or fraudulent. You may also enter keywords to stop receiving texts from the short code or request help. We may log your responses and use them to take actions to administer the Program. This may include sharing information you provide with service providers who are subject to the bank’s privacy and data security requirements. Information that we obtain from you through the short code program will not be sold to third parties or shared with third parties under terms that would permit them to use such information for their marketing purposes.

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