How does FHB process transactions?

Submitted by paul-ciandt on Mon, 02/01/2021 - 16:05

The order in which we process transactions can affect the total amount of fees charged when an account is overdrawn. Transactions are processed and posted together at the end of each business day. We post all credits (such as deposits) before debits (payments from the account). For debits, guaranteed items (e.g., wire transfers, cashed checks, ATM withdrawals or everyday debit card transactions) are posted before those that are not (e.g., checks or ACH transactions).

What is Savings Overdraft Transfer Service?

Submitted by paul-ciandt on Mon, 02/01/2021 - 16:04

Consumers that have a personal checking and a personal Regular Savings or Priority Savings, may link their checking to a savings account for the purpose of automatic overdraft protection. Like Yes-Check, if an overdraft occurs, it will trigger an automatic transfer from the linked savings to cover the overdraft.  An Overdraft Transfer Fee may apply for each automatic transfer from savings to cover an overdraft.

Which savings accounts are eligible for this service?

Submitted by paul-ciandt on Mon, 02/01/2021 - 16:02

Personal Regular Savings accounts and Priority Savings are eligible. YesSavings, Christmas Club and IRA Savings accounts are not eligible. Custodial savings accounts (HUTMA, UGMA, etc.) are also not eligible.

How can I withdraw money from my personal checking account?

There are many ways, including:

  • FHB Online® - transfer funds between First Hawaiian Bank accounts, to accounts at other financial institutions or to accounts belonging to other people. In addition, if you sign up for the optional Bill Payment feature, you can pay all of your bills online in one place.


How am I notified if I am being considered for a position?

If you are being considered for a position, a Human Resource Representative will contact you within two weeks of submitting your application using the contact preference you designated when applying.

If I've submitted several applications and resumes what does a recruiter find when a search is conducted?

Recruiters may see all versions of your applications, profiles, and resumes when searching the database however only the best match is returned in search results.

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