Can I avoid the monthly fee I pay to get images of my checks back with my statement?

Yes, you can avoid the fee by switching to our Check Storage service. You can contact our customer service line at (888) 844-4444 to be added to Check Storage.

Why are you sending me images of checks instead of sending me the originals and can I still get my original checks?

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ As more banks take advantage of the Check 21 law, First Hawaiian Bank will receive only images of more and more items. Please note that if another bank or merchant converts your checks to digital images, they will send only the images to First Hawaiian Bank and either retain or destroy the original check.

Why is First Hawaiian Bank providing check images?

First Hawaiian Bank customers who receive check images benefit from simplified record-keeping and reduced storage requirements for cancelled checks. And since images are in numerical order, it's very easy to locate a check on your statement.

What are check images?

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Check images are pictures of your cancelled checks. Each cancelled check is scanned, and the digital image is stored in our computer system. Check images are then printed clearly in numerical order and included with your monthly account statement.

Will this affect check copies I currently receive in my statements?

No. Online check images are provided as an additional service to assist you with your banking needs. This will not change the way you currently receive your statements.

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