Is MoneyMap available on the FHB Mobile app?

Yes, the majority of FHB Online MoneyMap features are available through the FHB Mobile app, with the exception Goals, Trends and Cash Flow. Those features are exclusively available through FHB Online. FHB Mobile also offers Insights which provides personalized insights on your transactions to call out unusual activity such as duplicate payments, a new subscription, high than normal spending in a category and much more. 

When I try to reconnect an account it continually shows that it's trying to connect but nothing happens. What should I do?

If you recently deleted the account from MoneyMap and are trying to reconnect it, we suggest waiting at least a few hours before trying to reconnect.

Why am I prompted to enter a security question or code every time I login?

This requirement is controlled by the individual financial institutions that you have chosen to aggregated into MoneyMap. Depending on the financial institution's security requirements, they may prompt you to validate your information each time you login in order to aggregate your account details.

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