What are recurring transfers?

Recurring transfers are transfers between accounts that are for the same amount or between the same accounts at specified intervals, e.g., weekly, every 2 weeks, quarterly, etc. For example, if wish to transfer $500 from a checking account to a savings account on the 3rd day of each month, you can set up an automatic recurring transfer to be made on the 3rd day of each month for as long as you wish, up to 999 times.

When are funds transfers processed?

Internal transfers requested for the current business day will be processed the same day if scheduled before the cut-off time—10pm Local Time--and the next business day if scheduled after. Local Time for a given account is the time at the location where the account was opened—i.e., HST for account opened in Hawaii, and ChST for accounts opened in Guam or Saipan.

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