Can I combine my Priority Rewards CashPoints and my frequent flyer miles for free airline tickets?

No, our Priority Rewards program is unique to First Hawaiian Bank and you cannot combine them with airline frequent flyer miles or other loyalty programs to make redemptions or upgrade tickets.

Can I receive airline frequent flyer miles for airline tickets using Priority Rewards CashPoints?

YES! To receive airline frequent flyer miles, you should provide your airline frequent flyer number to the agent when you redeem your CashPoints. You must work directly with the airline in question if you forget to provide your frequent flyer number or in cases of any discrepancies.

Do my CashPoints expire?

Your CashPoints will expire 24 months from your last credit card purchase or your last redemption, whichever is most recent. Transferred (gifted) CashPoints are set to the expiration date of the receiving account and do not count as redemption activity for the originating or receiving account.

How does the Priority Rewards Card program work?

You'll receive CashPoints for qualifying purchases. Once you accumulate enough CashPoints, you can redeem them for your choice of rewards like gift cards, airline travel, hotel accommodations, cruises, even cash! Use your card for everyday purchases and watch your CashPoints add up!

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