Can I cancel a payment?

You can only cancel a payment if the person you sent money to hasn't yet enrolled with Zelle[[®]]. To check whether the payment is still pending because the recipient hasn't yet enrolled, you can go to your activity page, choose the payment you want to cancel, and then select "Cancel This Payment."

How does Zelle[[®]] work?

When you enroll with Zelle[[®]] through your online banking account, or mobile banking app, your name, the name of your bank, and the email address or U.S. mobile number you enrolled is shared with Zelle[[®]] (no sensitive account details are shared – those stay with First Hawaiian Bank).

What if I want to send money to someone whose financial institution doesn't offer Zelle[[®]]?

You can find a full list of participating banks and credit unions live with Zelle[[®]] here.

If your recipient's financial institution isn't on the list, don't worry! The list of participating financial institutions is always growing, and your recipient can still use Zelle[[®]] by downloading the Zelle[[®]] app for Android and iOS.

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