Taft-Hartley Business Services

For more than half a century, First Hawaiian Bank has been working with unions and their members’ trust funds. Over those years we have developed an integrated service package that is delivered by a dedicated business unit. By bringing together union trust fund specific functions, custody, banking, and support services we have become the leader in Taft-Hartley business services.

Taft-Hartley Business Services:

  • Custody, Settlement, Reconciliation
  • Income Collection
  • Securities and Investment Recordkeeping
  • Valuation and Reporting
  • Investment Management Support
  • Securities Lending
  • Cash Management
  • Bill Payment Processing
  • Distribution and Benefit Payment Processing
  • Contribution Processing

If you would like to learn more about how First Hawaiian Bank’s Institutional Advisory Services can help you, please call us at (808) 525-7027.

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