Strategic Asset Allocation

Invest strategically with First Hawaiian’s disciplined approach.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the cornerstone of our investment process at First Hawaiian Bank. We believe in a disciplined approach based on long-term investment goals. We use periodic rebalancing to take market conditions into account and to retain the risk and return strategy of your portfolio, while avoiding unnecessary transaction costs.

Our approach

The guidelines we follow in our strategic allocation process include:

  • Our focus is on the long term, using strategic asset allocation, the primary driver of investment performance
  • We avoid market timing, which destroys value for most investors, but apply some tactical overlay in response to market conditions and valuation

  • We focus on a five to ten-year horizon

  • Both actively and passively-managed investments may have a role in your portfolio

  • Global investments may enhance your potential for positive returns

  • Non-traditional investments can also play an important role in a portfolio

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