Investment Plans

Choosing the right investment strategy can be complicated. We're here to help.

Experience, insight, and personalization

We haven’t become our customers’ most trusted advisors for nothing. Generations of people have come to rely on our experienced portfolio building, strategic asset allocation, and disciplined account management to help them create individualized investment strategies.

Portfolio Building

We meet your needs with a mix of investment vehicles, including stocks, bonds, exchange traded, and mutual funds.

Asset Allocation

We develop an investment strategy and create a balanced portfolio based on your risk tolerance, goals, and investment horizon.


We make adjustments to bring your asset allocation back into line as necessary.


We meet with you to discuss any new events or changes in your life or the economy that may require us to make investment strategy or portfolio adjustments.

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First Hawaiian Bank’s Wealth Management Group provides investment advice and financial products and services through First Hawaiian Bank. First Hawaiian Bank does not provide tax or legal advice.