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With the cost of private nursing home care in Hawaii estimated to approach $170,000 per year in 2023 and full-time professional home care fees rising to as much as $72,000 annually, long-term care insurance definitely plays a vital role in your financial plan.

Source:  https://www.genworth.com/aging-and-you/finances/cost-of-care.html

Long-term care insurance is a protection plan that pays you a set amount when you can no longer live independently

Long-term care can help pay nursing home or assisted living costs—or even costs incurred if you’re disabled and confined to your home. Equally important, a long-term care policy can potentially mean:

  • You won’t have to deplete your life savings to care for yourself.

  • You won’t be forced to rely on government welfare programs to survive.

  • Your family and loved ones won’t have to sacrifice their assets and savings to care for you.

  • You will be able to maintain some of your independence.

  • You will be able to preserve your assets and pass them on to your heirs.

  • You will be able to choose the location for your care.

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