Agent for Trustee

Retain control and get expert help managing and investing trust assets.

Get worry-free management of your trust

With First Hawaiian Bank's Agent for Trustee services, you retain the role of trustee, but get expert help with day-to-day recordkeeping, trust accounting, and assistance with management and investment of the trust assets. 

We provide trust administrative services and help individual trustees determine the investment strategy for the trust, manage the portfolio, and track investment performance. You retain control as trustee as well as all fiduciary responsibility and liability as trustee.

Our agent for trustee services

Our Services

Estate settlement and/or ongoing administration
  • Initial administration
  • Provide information for tax preparation (for assets in our custody)
  • Maintain accurate accounting records (for assets in our custody)
  • Recommend an investment strategy and invest trust assets
  • Collect income and process payments

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First Hawaiian Bank’s Wealth Management Group provides investment advice and financial products and services through First Hawaiian Bank. First Hawaiian Bank does not provide tax or legal advice.