Social Media Butterflies Beware

Whether you are a social media butterfly or a casual social media user, beware of scammers exploiting the latest craze in search of ways to steal information.  

Online Games or Social Media Quizzes

It is tempting to take a quiz on social media to find out “what would your rock star name be?” or “what mythological creature are you?” It’s fun, silly, and you want to post your results on your social media page and compare it to the results from others, but be wary of what information the quiz asks for.  In some instances, scammers will design the questions to invoke answers that the scammer would use to answer a security question to reset your passwords and hack into one of your accounts. In another type of scam, the quiz will instruct you to input your mobile phone number to send your results via text message, but by providing your phone number, the scammer is signing you up for a false subscription that charges your phone bill a hidden fee every month.  

Impersonating a Customer Service Twitter Account

Dissatisfied and tweeting a complaint? Many companies will respond to complaints through Twitter and scammers are very aware of that. A scammer will intercept the tweet from a customer using a very convincing false Twitter account with a profile name that is one character off. The scammer will impersonate the company and “tweet” at the eager customer requesting account information under the false pretenses of resolving their complaint. At First Hawaiian Bank there are multiple secure ways to contact us. If you contact First Hawaiian Bank via Twitter or another social media platform, do not provide personal or account information nor would personal or account information be requested.  

Insert Fake Shocking News Story [here]

A big news story can be a big opportunity to a scammer. Scammers will create a phishing link disguised as an article or exclusive video about a big current event such as a major plane crash or celebrity gossip, enticing the victim to click on it and post it on social media. The link will either direct the victim to a fake social media login site that forces you to enter your login credentials to access the news content or to a spam website.

Careful Sharing

Post the lunch photo you snapped at the fancy restaurant or rant about the traffic going into work, just be mindful of what personal details you share. Oversharing your personal details such as the name of your pet or mother’s maiden name on social media will allow scammers to research your information and guess passwords and security questions to your online accounts.  Check the privacy and security settings of each of your social networking profiles and be cautious of what you post.

Lured by Pokemon Go Scams

The mobile app Pokemon Go exploded into the U.S. market becoming one of the most downloaded apps in U.S. history, and like any popular app, scammers will look for ways to prey on its users.  Scammers posted fake surveys on a website to phish for personal information offering free PokeCoins as an incentive.  Also, when a game gains popularity, you can expect fake apps carrying malware to become available for download that imitate the official app in its graphics and how the login screen appears. Steer clear from apps that have similar but incorrect names such as “Install Pokemongo” or “Pokemon GO Ultimate” and always download apps from reputable sources such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. View more about playing Pokemon Go safely at or

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