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Q: What type of pre-employment testing is done by First Hawaiian Bank?

First Hawaiian bank promotes a safe and drug-free work environment. Our pre-employment process includes Substance Abuse and Drug and Alcohol Testing in addition to verification of your employment history, credit history, background and references.

Q: Can I submit an application for more than one position at the same time?

Yes. You can submit an application for any position(s) for which you believe you are qualified. You will need to submit an application for each position up to a maximum of five applications at any given time.

Q: How am I notified if I am being considered for a position?

If you are being considered for a position, a Human Resource Representative will contact you within four weeks of submitting your application by the contact preference you designate when applying.

Q: How often can I submit an application?

Please submit your application if there is a change in your skills or employment history and if you would like to be considered for more than one position.

Q: Can I apply for more than one job using a single application?

Yes. You may apply for up to five job openings per session. Check each job opening that you would like to submit an application for and then click Apply for Jobs.

Q: How can I provide a resume?

You may attach your resume during the application process.

Q: What is the difference between an application and a profile?

An application is a version of your profile that is linked to jobs. Once you submit an application, you can't change it. A profile contains the same information about you and your qualifications, without any links to jobs.

Q: The link to update my profile is gone. Where did it go?

You must be signed on to see the Update Your Profile link. Also, the link does not display on the Job Search home page if you have draft applications. When all your drafts are completed, you'll see the Update Your Profile link again.

Q: I have a draft application, but I am no longer interested in those jobs. How do I delete the draft application?

You may delete the draft application from the My Applications page:

  1. Click Edit Draft Application.
  2. Delete each job on the application by clicking on the trash can icon.
  3. Complete the required fields on each screen (marked with an asterisk) and click Continue.

On the last page (Review Application), click Submit and Apply for Jobs. Any updates made in the Application Profile section will be submitted as changes to your profile and will not be sent to the hiring teams. The draft links will disappear. 

Q: If I sign up for job agent email notifications, will I receive the same job more than once?

No. You will only receive new job postings with each notification.

Q: If I submit my profile and a job matching my skills opens up later, can I expect to hear from First Hawaiian Bank?

FHB Recruiters search the job seeker database on a regular basis. However due to the volume of inquiries, it's best to apply for the jobs that interest you, rather than relying on recruiters to contact you.

Q: If I've submitted several applications and resumes what does a recruiter find when a search is conducted?

Recruiters may see all versions of your applications, profiles, and resumes when searching the database however only the best match is returned in search results.

Q: How long does the application process at First Hawaiian Bank usually take?

Applications are considered within a four week period, however, it varies based on the vacancy. Applications will be accepted until the vacancy is filled.


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