Save time by activating eBills[[#1]] and eliminate the need to login to each individual biller’s website.

Receive and pay your bills electronically

eBills are an electronic version of a bill or statement available from many companies and organizations. eBills can be delivered directly to your FHB Online Bill Pay account.

Activate an eBill

  • Log in to the FHB Online Payment Center and add a new company you want to pay. 
  • If that payee offers eBills, click the “Get eBill” icon that appears next to the payee’s name. 
  • Verify your Billing Account Information & Complete your eBill Activation
  • Once activated, you can also set up automatic payments using the AutoPay option

eBills how-to video

Learn how to activate eBills and make payments online.

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    You will need to cancel the eBill(s) for your biller(s) at any other bank or financial institution before you enroll for eBills via FHB Online Bill Pay.

      You can receive electronic bills (eBills) in the FHB Online Payment Center. Once you establish eBills for a payee, the eBill will display in your Payment Center when it is delivered by your biller. You can simply click a link to enter the amount due and due date from the bill.

      You can also set up AutoPay for eBills and automatically pay the full or a fixed amount each month.

        Once you start receiving your eBill, you can set up automatic payments. Automatic payments are scheduled once the eBill is received, but you maintain the control to change the payment any time until the payment is sent. To set up an automatic payment, go to the Payment Center, select the payee, and choose “AutoPay.” Once your automatic payment is set up, an AutoPay and eBill icon will both appear next to the company. You can set it and forget it!


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          1. To use eBills you must have a FHB checking account and be enrolled in FHB Online Bill Pay with a biller/payee that offers eBills. Enrollment in Online Bill Pay, may cause you to incur additional fees. See the Terms & Conditions for more details about digital banking services and applicable fees. To unenroll from the Bill Pay service, log in to FHB Online and go to Settings then "Unenroll from Bill Pay".