Keep track of spending and budgets across all your accounts with FHB Online® and Mobile Banking.

Budget and track finances 

MoneyMap is a free and easy to use financial management tool that helps you quickly monitor your overall spending across all of your financial accounts, not just those with First Hawaiian Bank. Get a complete picture of your spending, all in one place, and start to build a comfortable and secure financial future

MoneyMap features


Get a consolidated 360° view of your finances by adding your accounts from almost any financial institution.[[#1]]

Insights (FHB Mobile only)

Get personalized insights that call out unusual activity such as a duplicate payment, higher than normal spending, new subscription and much more.


View all your outstanding debt in a single view, and calculate different payment options to make the best decision for your situation.


Transactions are automatically categorized for your convenience, and you can customize categories at any time.

Net Worth

Determine your net worth by adding as many accounts as possible, including your property and debts, and MoneyMap will calculate your net worth.


See how much you have spent on any category and identify where you can improve.

Goals (FHB Online only)

Easily manage your goals, like saving for retirement or paying off a car loan, by visualizing them on a simple timeline.


Track how close you are to hitting your budget throughout the month.

Cash Flow (FHB Online only)

The Cash Flow tool combs through your transactions to help you understand your historical spending and predict future spending.

Trends (FHB Online only)

View a simple visualization of your financial history to see if you’re living within your means and where you can improve.

Getting Help (FHB Online only)

Get an overview of how to use each feature and find answers to frequently asked questions by clicking on the question mark icon in MoneyMap in FHB Online.

MoneyMap how-to videos

Learn how to get started and track your finances with MoneyMap.

What is financial aggregation?

Getting Started with MoneyMap



    MoneyMap is a free financial management tool that you can access through the FHB Mobile app or by logging in to FHB Online and clicking on MoneyMap in the navigation bar. If you do not have an FHB Online & Mobile Banking login, you can enroll here.

      Yes, you can choose to hide an account from being displayed by clicking on the account then on the ellipses in the top right corner in MoneyMap in FHB Online. If you are using the FHB Mobile app, tap on the account then on the Account Details option. Then you can select the Hide Account option which will also remove the transactions from your transaction list and from being included in any of the other features.

      You can delete a connection to an external financial institution by going to Connections, then selecting the external financial institution and selecting the Delete/Discontinue Institution option. When you delete a connection with another financial institution it will delete all accounts associated with that institution. If you  want to only delete one of the accounts associated with a financial institution, please use the "Hide Account" option instead.

        Yes, once in MoneyMap click on the Transactions tab. There is a Search option toward the right of the screen where you can search by all these options and more, including transaction tags.


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          1. To view accounts from another financial institution, you must have online access set up at that institution.