Quicken & QuickBooks

Stay in sync with your finances by connecting your FHB Online[[®]] account with Quicken[[®]] or QuickBooks[[®]]

Integration made easy

If you are looking for an easy way to connect your FHB Online account with Quicken® or QuickBooks® personal financial management software, we have you covered. There are three ways you can synch your financial information. Explore the options below to determine which method is right for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recently added a security enhancement that requires you to first authorize Quicken or Quickbooks Direct Connect access in the FHB Online Security Center before completing the connection. View ‘Helpful Hints’ for details.

3 ways to connect

Web Connect

Download your transactions and balances from FHB Online and import them into Quicken or QuickBooks.

Express Web Connect

Let Quicken download your transactions and balances and import them for you.

Direct Connect[[#1]]

Give Quicken or QuickBooks 2-way connectivity with your FHB Online account for a range of automated services.

Get started

Choose the setup guide for your Quicken or QuickBooks software

Note: Quicken and QuickBooks often discontinue support for older versions of their software. 
For more information on unsupported versions, please visit these links: Quicken Sunset Policy | QuickBooks Support

Helpful hints

  • To authorize a Quicken or Quickbooks connection to your FHB Online account, login to FHB Online and go to Settings then Security Center. Click on Connected Apps to find the new connection, then click ‘Authorize’. Once authorized, you can go back in to Quicken or Quickbooks to complete the Direct Connect process.
  • While Direct Connect offers you more features, there is a fee associated with this connection method. View our Terms and Conditions for more information. 
  • Disabling and re-enabling your account can help resolve connection issues when trying to download your transactions through Quicken or QuickBooks. Learn how to disable and re-enable your account in Quicken or QuickBooks.
  • Remember, if you change your online banking password, you will have to update your credentials in Quicken or QuickBooks, or you may experience connectivity issues.


    The fee for personal customers accessing FHB Online through Quicken or Quickbooks is $9.95 per month that the service is enabled. The fee for businesses accessing Quicken or Quickbooks through FHB Online Business Banking is $14.95 per month that the service is enabled (inclusive of the FHB Online Business Banking service fee; Priority Banking waivers do not apply).

      For most people, FHB Online provides easy access to your First Hawaiian accounts. Customers who want financial management capabilities may find Quicken and QuickBooks to be more useful and worth the extra cost.

        You must first enroll in FHB Online. Once enrolled, instructions on how to access FHB Online through Quicken or QuickBooks can be found at the links provided above.


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          1. Using Direct Connect to Quicken or QuickBooks may cause you to incur additional fees. There is no fee to connect using Web Connect or Express Web Connect. See Terms and Conditions of FHB Online Services for details and any applicable fees.