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The more accounts you add, the more complete of a picture you’ll be able to see.
Add new accounts from your Dashboard or Settings tabs.

  • Dashboard: See a consolidated view of assets and liabilities as well as a snapshot of net worth, income, expenses and savings goals.

  • Transactions: View transactions across all your accounts. Our categorization engine will categorize transactions automatically with the option to adjust categorization preferences and flag taxable transactions.

  • Analysis: Explore your earning and spending patterns by analyzing your income, expenses, and cash flow.

  • Budgets: Monitor and track monthly spending budgets and discover new ways to save.

  • Goals: Create savings goals and track the status against your monthly savings targets.

  • Investments: View the current status of your investment holdings across all financial institutions.

  • Settings: Manage external account information, profile details and setup alert notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Finance Manager FAQs

  • How do I enroll in Personal Finance Manager?

    To enroll in Personal Finance Manager:

    1. Log in to FHB Online Banking.

    2. Click Personal Finance Manager in the navigation.

    3. Accept Terms & Conditions.

    4. Log in with your FHB Online credentials. You will only need to do this during your first time using Trends or whenever you update your Online Banking password.

    Your Personal Finance Manager Dashboard will be automatically populated with your FHB Online Banking accounts. Please note: it may take several minutes for your FHB accounts to appear. Please do not manually add your FHB accounts.

  • How do I add/view my accounts at other financial institutions in Personal Finance Manager?

    Accounts from more than 17,000 finance-related companies including investment, retirement, mortgage, loan, real estate, etc. can be added to your Personal Finance Manager profile. Simply click on the Add Accounts button to start the process.

  • How do I customize my categories?

    Users have the ability to create and assign custom sub-categories to personalize their experience. To create a sub-category:

    1. Click the transaction you want to create a sub-category for

    2. On the Transaction Details pop-up, click “Add/Edit Your Categories”

    3. Click “Add New Subcategory”

    4. Enter the new sub-category name

    5. Click the save icon to the right of your sub-category name

    Your new sub-category should be displayed when you click on the Category drop-down.

  • Why are some institutions grayed out or not listed when I try to add accounts?

    Any institution with a “(!)” preceding its name and grayed out or not listed in the Add Accounts list cannot be added to Personal Finance Manager for automatic updating; however, you can still track the value of those accounts manually as part of your overall financial picture by adding these accounts as Offline Accounts.

  • Can I customize my Personal Finance Manager profile to only track & display certain accounts?

    Accounts attached to your Personal Finance Manager profile are based on your online profiles with the various institutions you added. If you would like to customize your Personal Finance Manager account list go to Personal Finance Manager / Settings / Profile & Accounts and select the option to hide accounts you do not want to view via Personal Finance Manager. Accounts you choose to hide will no longer be visible in your Personal Finance Manager Dashboard and will no longer be displayed in your list of accounts and transactions. Any goals linked to the account that you created will be unlinked. If you choose to delete a non-FHB account, all information related to the account will be permanently removed, including your transaction history and any links to budgets and goals. First Hawaiian Bank accounts can only be hidden, not deleted.

For more information, view our Terms and Conditions for Personal Finance Manager & FHB Online & Mobile Banking.

1To view accounts from another financial institution, you must have online access set up at that institution.