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Quicken and QuickBooks

Stay in sync with your finances by downloading your account transactions and balances into Quicken® or QuickBooks® personal financial management software. Choose the right connection method for your needs and even take advantage of additional features like transfers and bill payment1.

Ways to Connect

Web Connect

Download your transactions and balances from FHB Online and import them into Quicken or QuickBooks.

Express Web Connect

Let Quicken download your transactions and balances and import them for you.

Direct Connect2

In addition to downloading and importing your transactions and balances for you, you can also schedule and manage payments and transfers through Quicken or QuickBooks.


Get Started

Choose the setup guide for your Quicken or QuickBooks software

Quicken Windows

QuickBooks Windows

Quicken Mac

QuickBooks Mac

Note: Quicken and QuickBooks often discontinues support for older versions of their software. For more information on unsupported versions, please visit these links: Quicken Sunset Policy | QuickBooks Sunset Policy

Helpful Hints

  • While Direct Connect offers you more features, there is a fee associated with this connection method. Check out Ways to Connect above to see what connection method is right for your needs.

  • Disabling and re-enabling your account can help resolve connection issues when trying to download your transactions through Quicken or QuickBooks. Learn how to disable and re-enable your account in Quicken or QuickBooks.

  • Remember, if you change your online banking password, you will have to update your credentials in Quicken or QuickBooks or you may experience connectivity issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quicken and QuickBooks FAQs

View our Terms and Conditions for more information

1 Optional Online Banking features may cause you to incur additional fees. See Terms and Conditions of FHB Online Services for details.

2 Using Direct Connect to Quicken or Quickbooks may cause you to incur additional fees. There is no fee to connect using Web Connect or Express Web Connect. See Terms and Conditions of FHB Online Services for details and any applicable fees.