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A Smart Choice! Get the money you need by simply using the equity that has built up in your home. With the Home Equity Line of Credit, there are unlimited possibilities -- you'll enjoy a competitive interest rate, lower monthly payments and the convenience of a home equity line of credit with the ability to lock in a fixed rate (up to 5 fixed rate locks) to protect you from rising interest. You may never need to apply for another loan again.


This credit line is secured by your property and you can draw upon it as needed. Use it to finance a child's education or to make improvements to your home. Interest-only payment options are available on the amount you borrow.

  • Save - Get the cash you need at a competitive rate and interest is only charged when you use your Home Equity Line of Credit.
  • Flexible - It's a line of credit and a loan. With the rate lock option, you can convert all or a portion of your balance to a fixed loan, locking your rate and monthly payments.
  • Tax benefits - Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.
  • Convenience - Access your Home Equity Line of Credit with FREE checks. Since we also service our loans locally, you're guaranteed friendly and local service 24 hours a day.
  • No paperwork required to apply.


Use your Home Equity Line of Credit for:

Tuition Payment     

  • Interest rates often lower than student loans
  • Interest only payment option        

Home Improvement/Remodeling

  • Borrow a larger amount, up to $1,500,000 (minimum $20,000)
  • Get your money in as little as 3 days from closing

Make Your Dreams Come True

  • Pay for that car you've always wanted
  • Plan for that dream wedding or vacation you've always imagined

Debt Consolidation

  • Better interest rate and lower payments
  • Make one single vs. multiple monthly payments

Plan for the future

  • Take comfort in knowing you have the available funds when needed
  • Be prepared for emergencies

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