Fixed Rate Mortgage

Relax. Your rate is locked in for the length of your mortgage.


  • You can pay off your loan early with no prepayment penalty
  • Stable, predictable monthly payments
  • See today's rates and loan terms and conditions, including payment examples

No worries, no surprises

Your mortgage payment is the same each month.

You’re protected

Rising mortgage rates won’t affect your current mortgage.

Know what you owe

Makes budgeting and planning easier.

long-term home

Ideal for

  • Owner occupants who are refinancing
  • Those who want predictability through the length of the loan with fixed monthly mortgage payments and interest rates.
  • Those on a fixed income
  • Homeowners who will stay in the home for many years

Current fixed mortgage rates

What is the impact of making extra payments on my mortgage debt?

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Yuko Omorai

Yuko Omorai

AVP and Private Banking Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS #1645209

Christopher Kim Bento

Christopher Kim Bento

Digital Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS #1369899

Jeff Barnard

Jeff Barnard

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS #1559076


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    It’s all about you, your budget, and your life. We have a variety of mortgage types, and we can help you find the one that’s right for you. For a free analysis and recommendation of the best mortgage loan program for you, please call us at 808-643-HOME (4663) or take a look at our Mortgage Selector Tool. We also have mortgage calculators that can help you determine what is right for you.

      Find out about rates and more online or call us to talk about your refinancing options at 808-643-4663.

        Welcome home! We’re here to help make the process of applying for a mortgage as simple for you as possible. 

        • Apply online using our Digital Home Loans Portal
        • Contact our customer service line for new or current mortgage customers. We’ll put you in contact with a mortgage specialist who will be able to help make your dreams come true.
        • Apply in person at the branch most convenient for you

          FHB Online & Mobile Banking enables you to easily view your mortgage transactions, current mortgage balance and upcoming payment due. You can also make a payment to your mortgage using internal transfers or external transfers.

          To make special payments, such as a principal only payment, you will need to process the transfer then send a secured message with specific instructions on how the payment should be applied. Your current month's mortgage payment must be posted to your loan and with no outstanding fees, in order to make additional principal payments.

          If you have not yet enrolled for FHB Online & Mobile Banking, you can enroll here.


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            1. Subject to credit approval. Certain other restrictions may apply.

            Fixed Rate Mortgage

            Fixed Rate Mortgage